How to Change The Released Reasons in Gigs

What Is A Released Reason? 

A "released reason" is the reason why an inquiry or negotiation did not end successfully in a contract. The system has three built in released reasons that you can use.

Why Should I Track Released Reasons?

When you track released reasons you can begin to notice trends. For example, if you notice that your keynote was not a good fit for a majority of the events that you enter conversation with, then perhaps you need to revamp the keynote to be more niche specific. Or, if you notice that you lose 90% of your negotiations because you are too expensive, then perhaps you should consider adjusting your pricing, working your pitch, or targeting bigger budget gigs. 

Where Can I Edit My Released Reasons?

We have three released reasons built into the system, but you can add as many released reasons as you want. To learn how to do this, visit this article on adding released reasons.

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