Adding Speeches

Why Add Speeches? 

Having a speech that generates references for future gigs is critical to success as a speaker. By adding your different speeches, you can better track which ones are generating the most income and references. 

Where Can I Add Speeches?

1. Click on settings in the menu.

2. Click on the "Gig Details" tab. 

3. In the secondary menu, click "Keynote Speeches." 

4. In the empty field, enter the name of your keynote. Then, click add.

5. If you would like this keynote to be tracked, make sure that the "Track In Gigalytics" is checked. 

Tips & Tricks

You can add more than just your speeches. For example, if you want to track things like tech checks or Q&A panels, then add those as a keynote speech. Just be sure to toggle off the "Track in Gigalytics" field. Leaving this toggled to on could adversely impact your data.

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