How to Add Blackout Dates

What Are Blackout Dates? 

A blackout date is a range of dates that your are 100% unavailable. It will allow you to quickly let event organizers if you are eligible for a gig. A common reason you might want to add a blackout date is that you are going on vacation. 

When you look at a gig that conflicts with a blackout date, you'll be alerted with a black bar signifying that you are unavailable. 

How Do I Add A Blackout Date?

Step 1: Click the + icon in the menu.

Step 2: Select "Add New Blackout Date" from the dropdown menu. 

Step 3: Enter in the start and end date of the window for which you will be unavailable.

Step 4: Add a description of why this window is unavailable.

Step 5: Click "Add Blackout Date."

Tips And Tricks For Blackout Dates

Even if you know that you're unavailable when an inquiry comes in, still add the inquiry. This is data the platform can use to help understand how you should price yourself and you'll receive a reminder to reach out next year if this is an annual event. 

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