How to Import Gigs

How To Import Gigs In Bulk

Step 1: Click the + icon

Step 2: Select "Import Gigs" from the dropdown menu. 

Step 3: Download the bulk importer template.

Step 4: Enter your gigs into the CSV file. (Max 200)

Step 5: Save your file.

Step 6: Click into the upload field to toggle open the file selection window. 

Step 7: Select your saved gigs file.

Step 8: Click "Import CSV." It will take some time, but we'll send you an email when the system is done importing. 

Why Should You Import Gigs?

Gigalytics can give you powerful insights into when you should follow up on an opportunity and how you should adjust your pricing on any given day. However, it can only make recommendations if it has your historical data to analyze. 

Of course, the importer isn't just used for historical gigs. If there is a pipeline of opportunities you are trying to manage, inputting them into Gigs will help you know when to follow up and what price you should quote.

Watch Drew's Process

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