How to Add a New Gig

How Do I Add A Gig?

Step 1: Click the + icon in the main menu. 

Step 2: Select "Add A New Gig" from the drop down menu. 

Step 3: Enter in the details of the gig.

  • Conference Name:
  • Location: This is a required field and will autocomplete once you start typing. If you don't yet know the location, toggle the "To Be Determined" box. 
  • Start Date & End Date: When you enter a start date, the system will automatically assume it is a one day event. If you don't know exact dates, toggle the "Exact Dates" box. As soon as you enter dates, the system will check your availability and you will see an "available" or "unavailable" alert pop up in the entry window. 
  • Status: Most new gigs with either be an "inquiry" or on "hold." If you need help understanding the different statuses in Gigs, check out our article on gigs statuses. 

Step 4: Select "Add This Gig"

Step 5: Once the gig has been saved, you'll be directed to the "Gigs Detail" page where you can add additional information. 

Watch Drew's Process

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