Setting Goals

Why Set Goals? 

Setting goals will allow you better understand exactly how much you should be quoting for your honorarium. We'll use the information you provide and the data we get from your history to tell you exactly how you should be pricing yourself to achieve you annual goals. 

Where Can I Find My Goals?

1. Click on settings in the menu.

2. Click on the "Goals" tab. 

How Should I Set Goals?

1. Start by picking you annual revenue target. For this example, we'll say we want to earn $50,000 from speaking this year. 

2. Set a target for how many times you want to speak this year. We'll say 25 times.

3. Gigs will automatically figure out the Average Fee Target. In our example, it would be $2,000.

4. Now, you never want to start negotiating from the amount you need, so you should consider adding between 20% - 25% to your Average Fee Target to figure out your Quotable Fee. The Quotable Fee is what you will pitch event organizers during your sales process. In our example, we want to add 25%. 25% of $2,000 is $500, so we'll set our Quotable Fee at $2,500. 

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