Setting Up Lead Sources

Why Set Lead Sources? 

Like any business, if you want to make success more predictable, then you need to understand which of your marketing efforts are most effective. Gigs will track and aggregate all of the sources so that you can easily see which campaigns or channels are working. 

Where Can I Edit My Lead Sources?

1. Click on settings in the menu.

2. Click on the "Gig Details" tab. 

3. Select "Lead Sources" from the sub-menu. 

4. We'll have some common sources listed for you already, but you should add any channel or campaign that you want to track. You can do this by entering the source in the empty field and clicking add. 

Tips & Tricks

Be specific. You might be sending many different types of email marketing: event follow ups, an automatic nurture campaign, or even outbound prospecting. The more you specific you are with your lead tagging, the easier it will be to pinpoint 

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