Setting Up Released Reasons

Why Track Released Reasons? 

We all lose gigs. In fact, you should be losing at least 50% of your gigs. Understanding why you are losing will provide important context on how you are doing and where you can improve.  

For example, if you find that a majority of your gigs are released because the client "went dark," then you should consider your sales approach.

Where Can I Find My Released Reasons?

1. Click on settings in the menu.

2. Click on the "Gig Details" tab. 

3. Select "Released Reasons" from the sub-menu.

4. We'll pre-load some common released reasons for you. To add a reason that is more specific to you, enter the reason into the blank field and click Add. 

Tips For Released Reasons

Remember, released reasons can be both internal (you were already booked) or external (the event organizer chose someone else). Both of these provide important information about your business. 

Some reasons are unavoidable and don't tell us much. For example, if the event is canceled, then there is little to learn. If an event chose another speaker, then it is a chance to do some research and better understand how to be more competitive.  

1. Is this speaker more famous or entertaining? 

2. Are they cheaper? 

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