Adding Lead Information

Why Should I Track Lead Information?

Tracking leads will help you understand what is (and isn't) working in generating gigs. If you are diligent in tracking this information, you'll be able to (1) better understand your marketing and where you should focus (2) better price yourself by understanding your relative fame in a niche and what other speakers are charging for this event. 

How To Add Lead Information

Step 1: Click into the gig for which you want to enter lead information.

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Lead Information" section.

Step 3: Click "Edit."

Step 4: Enter in your lead information.

Referral Event: This will autocomplete based on historical events.

Referral Person: This is the person who recommended you to the event organizer. 

Lead Type: Inbound means the event organized reached out to you. Outbound means you reached out to them. 

Lead Source: How did the event organizer contact you? This might be the most important field for evaluating your marketing performance. For example, if you notice most of your leads come from LinkedIn, then you know that your time there is well spent. You could also take those tactics and try to replicate them on other social media platforms.

Niche: A niche is the very specific industry that the event operates in. Some example might be dentistry, construction, or travel agency. It is important to track this as the more famous you are in a specific niche, the better rates you can command in that niche. 

Inspired Outreach: This field goes one step further than Lead Source. It is meant to identify the moment that triggered the event organizer to think about you. If we marked LinkedIn as the lead source, perhaps the "Inspired Outreach" would be a recent article I published on the platform.

Previous Keynote Speakers: Who has previously spoken at this event? This is useful for beginning to understand what the event's speaker budget might be.

Step 5: Hit "Save"

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