Jul 14, 2020 - Release

We've made some significant improvements and changes to GiGS today!


  • New Feature: Activity Feed - Now, you can add Phone Calls and Notes to the Activity Feed for any Gig! Just add contacts and simply log any activity in the activity feed area under the Contacts Heading.

  • Significant speed improvements to page load time from Main Gigs List to Gig Details.
  • Added: Task Badges - Now, each time you log in to GiGS, you'll see one of two badges on the Tasks icon in the navbar. You'll see a yellow badge showing the number of new tasks that have been assigned to you since your last log in. Or, you'll see a red badge displaying the number of tasks that are due this week.

  • Blackout Date Display - The system used to hide any past blackout dates (even if you selected Blackout Dates in the filter options on the Gigs Main List. We've changed that so that Blackout Dates will appear no matter what date if the Filter option is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking from Gigs Main List - We isolated and fixed a bug that made the clicking a Gig from the main list difficult and sometimes impossible.
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